Bach For The Banjo

Bach for the Banjo is a collection of some of Bach’s best-known pieces transcribed for the five-string banjo by John Bullard. Several pieces appear in tablature for banjo with a second part for guitar: Inventions 1, 8, 13, and 14; March; Minuet in G; Polonaise in G minor; Minuet in G minor; and Musette. Others appear in notation and tablature for solo banjo: Prelude from Partita No.III for Solo Violin; Bouree II from Suite IV for Solo Cello; Menuets I & II from Suite II for Solo Cello; Courante from Suite I for Solo Cello; Gavotte en Rondeau from Partita No.III for Solo Violin; and Prelude from Suite I for Solo Cello. Finally, Bauerntanz is offered as a banjo duet in tablature only. These transcriptions are taken from John’s recordings “The Classical Banjo” and “Bach on the Banjo” which take Bach’s classic pieces to new heights.

Scales and Arepeggios for Classical Banjo

For many years, John Bullard has tried to elevate the banjo to the realm of other “serious” instruments through his numerous transcriptions and recordings. Scales and Arpeggios for Classical Banjo is another important step towards the realization of that goal. This unique book of scales and arpeggios for the banjo covers all of the major and minor keys, presented in a clear and organized format. Written in tablature and standard notation, this book brings banjo players the same practical and time-proven system of study common to other classical instruments. Students will learn the scales and arpeggios and apply them in flowing, musical exercises.

  • Scales, arpeggios and cadences in all major and minor keys

  • A clear and organized format

  • Presented in tablature and standard notation

  • Practical exercises using flowing, musical patterns

  • Helpful advice on getting started

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